The Coach's Playbook

Learn how to unlock the code for maximizing performance!

五个 挑战 的教练

Many organizations underestimate the importance of the coaching role, misunderstand the definition of coaching, and consistently underperform as coaches or entirely omit the process. 作为一个结果, this leads to stress, 倦怠, and less-than-optimal performance of the leader and the entire team.

Are you a leader who is frustrated with:
  • Losing good people after investing time and money into onboarding them?

  • Consistently underperforming and undermotivated team members?

  • 花太多的时间和精力为你的团队救火和解决问题?

  • 一遍又一遍地进行同样的对话,而行为和结果却没有任何改变?

  • 一个不平衡的头重脚轻的团队,一些成员在表演,另一些在挣扎,不断地向你寻求帮助?

If so, you are not alone. 每个领导者最终都会面对一个或多个这样的挑战.

The question becomes, “How will you learn overcome them?”

A Systematic Approach to Maximizing Team Performance and Accountability

那些与乐博体育app下载合作以加强“教练力量”的客户报告说,他们的文化有了显著改善, performance ratings, and bottom line.

  • Improved internal communication

  • Increased independence of team members

  • More productive, proactive time for the leader

  • Improved performance and productivity

  • Reduced turnover and a greater pool of productive talent

Your ability to find and hire the best salespeople, then accurately evaluate their performances and motivate them, affects your team’s ability to succeed. Outstanding sales performance requires a realistic sales plan, including goals and the strategies for accomplishing them. Learn to effectively and supportively debrief your salespeople, grow your sales through networking, and manage a territory, while developing the best practices 对管理、维护和最大化现有客户的业务至关重要.



Former President of CEMEX, USA

“What is coaching? Why is it important? 为顶级员工提供的培训与为中级或低级员工提供的培训有何不同? What does a good coaching session look and sound like? 大多数经理认为他们知道这些问题的答案,但他们真的不知道. 乐博网页版首页的《乐博网页版首页》提供了答案,而且它们是不可或缺的.”

The Coach's Playbook Curriculum

指导是一种正式的过程,通过一对一的会议来帮助团队成员发现阻碍他们表现的隐藏问题. For coaching to be effective, the discovery process must focus on critical behavior modification, not the imparting of new skills. 每一次训练都应该有一个策略或游戏计划来达到预期的结果.

当一个或两个参与者自发地进入课程时,没有成功的目标或计划,指导就失败了. 与普遍的观念和实践相反,有效的指导不仅仅是“向他们展示如何去做”.“当你制定教练的战术手册,让员工的表现最大化时,你的员工就能学会成功!

In this Chapter, 你会学到辅导的重要性,以及为什么经理必须使用辅导来帮助团队成员成长. 本章还涵盖了乐博网页版首页的指导哲学,并展示了如何将其融入到更大的领导力承诺中.

Crash a Class

了解乐博网页版首页培训师如何“超越书本”,并为您的销售团队实施基础乐博网页版首页,以改善流程, personal performance, 和结果.