Small Business & 中端市场

Breakthrough to the next level.

What got you here won’t 让你 在那里

The plans, people, 的立场, 流程, technology, and metrics that got you this far may not be designed for where you want to go. Leveling up a small or mid-market business can be frustratingly complex和plateaus can easily arise. 

A top-heavy 销售force? 

Do your top reps or even your leadership close most of the new business? Do you need to scale a successful selling team? 

Too much discounting and free consulting? 

Do your reps give away the farm, especially at the end of the quarter? Do management and leadership have to get involved to close negotiations? 

Getting enough 销售 to make the investments you need to grow? 

Do you need to hire people, buy equipment, or acquire competitors, but need the 销售 收入 to get the next level? 

Local support to help your business grow.

Sandler is also the only training organization to offer local reinforcement training in over 250 training centers. While other training companies fly in and fly out, leaving you with the hard part, we stick with you to ensure permanent change and lasting results.  

  • Hiring and Training Assessments & Benchmarking

  • Regularly Scheduled Local Training Workshops

  • In-House Sales Meetings & Boot Camps

  • Private and Group Coaching & Accountability

  • Online Learning, Sales Tech, and Other 工具

  • Strategic 管理 & Planning Sessions

The numbers prove it—Sandler-trained 销售people  close more 销售, more quickly, profitably, and consistently than any other training.
Aberdeen Group 研究

We deliver 在你的 L&D 美元.

We offer a blended learning approach to maximize the impact and results of the training. Your team will reap the rewards of both the time invested in learning and the money you invest in learning and development with Sandler. 

  • Shorten 销售 cycles and improve cash flow 

  • Stop wasting time and money on deals that never close

  • Seek out, win, and grow major accounts

  • Hire 销售people that can and will sell.

Discover what stands between your company and organizational excellence.

  • Learn how to identify and overcome common blind spots and bottlenecks of 销售 development.

  • Develop consistently successful hiring and onboarding processes.

  • Install a common selling language and approach to standardize your efforts.

  • Create a culture of continuous improvement and healthy accountability.

  • Develop business development plans to attract, attain, expand, and recapture profitable accounts.

Crash a Class

Learn how Sandler trainers go “beyond the book” and implement ground-level solutions for your 销售 team to improve 流程, personal performance, and results.