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Do you know what your problem is?

Most people struggle to see what is holding them back from the highest levels of success. It’s hard to read the label from inside the bottle.

How do you feel about the marketplace, 你的组织, and your sales career?

A person with a strong belief in the opportunity and themselves will be able to experience failures and not be wiped out emotionally. 当你的“为什么”很弱, any failure feels like a catastrophe which will have a much greater and longer lasting negative effect.

How often do you do the right thing at the right time?

You may know what to do but fail to execute your plan. You may not be sure you have the right strategies. You might just be calling on the wrong people at the wrong time. Successful people develop goals, 计划, 系统, and habits that consistently lead to positive results.

Would you say that you have mastered the art and science of selling?

Mastery means you can recognize the situation you are facing, identify the strategy needed, and apply the skills required to find success. Selling skills can be learned, developed, and honed. 集中练习, 定期汇报, and learning from mistakes will take your game to the next level.



每个星期, we take an in-depth look at the 的态度s, 行为, 和技术s needed to be more successful in sales and leadership. Get the best practices collected from around the world in our popular podcast.

Three elements required for success in anything.

Success is the result of connecting all the points of the Success Triangles.

One of the best things about success is that you get to define it for yourself. 大卫·乐博网页版首页 identified three elements required for success in anything: 行为, 的态度, 和技术.


你的看法, 信仰, and outlook about yourself, 你的组织, and the marketplace have a huge impact on how you sell and what you are willing to do to succeed in sales.


你的目标, 计划, and actions determine you often you do the right things at the right time and place. It is a result of your discipline, 活力, and guts that determine how quickly and consistently you will succeed.


你的策略, 战术, and personal presence while executing your 行为 impact the effectiveness of those actions. It can have a dramatic effect on your overall success and affect your 的态度 over time.


How do you measure Success?

Typically, succeeding in sales is like succeeding at the plate in baseball. You don’t have to be perfect to be an all-star; you just have to be better than your competition! Major League Baseball All-Stars will hit about .300元一年. Average baseball players will hit about .250. The difference is only one more hit per 20 at bats.

What would it mean to your career if you got one more sale per 20 attempts?

Whether you are talking about your sales career or your personal life, improving your BAT-ting average is the surest path to success. Success is the combined result of your 行为, 的态度, and 技术.


On a scale of 0-10, how do you rank on each of the three Success Triangles?


How much of the time do you have the right 的态度 about yourself, 你的公司, 和你的市场?


How much of the time do you do the right thing at the right time and place?


How well do you use the right strategies, 战术, and tools? How good are you at your job?

下一个, 算这三个分数, multiply them together and then divide by 1,000 possible points your percentage (for example, (B x A x T) / 1000 = your sales batting average).

注意: This is not an actual average. You do not divide by 3, but by 1,000. Success is not an average of your efforts but rather multiplied by your 的态度, 行为, 和技术. You cannot have a 10 的态度 with 0 actions and expect to succeed.

Record your batting average in your notes and re-evaluate yourself over time. If you gave yourself a lower score on one of the areas, take a minute to write down why and what changes would be necessary to raise the score.

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